Oars to move, great darkness. Mean stars seeking throught humain eyes when looked at. Seeking what? I don’t care.  They want to take something I prefer. I ought to prefer. Above others  objects.You! .

I’ll be spreading words like « meanwhile » or « now », « nervertheless »… Shuks!
Togetherness’ realm. 

Oars : sailing throught this darkness. Getting away’s views

Branches are shook. For the wind chills. Nervertheless. I had to love you for the night ordered so. Now. But from my point of view, this is not an epiphany.  Sometimes my heart feels like a nigntingale. Sometimes like migratory birds. Obedience.

Oars and a dark canopy to heave: above, above floats that sky! . I follow you. Heaving y silence too! O, Darling, saying no words strengthens my jaws. What do you guess?

Staying into the night we move without noise. Simple sap do we are.  From standing up walking trees. Drops of sap. Meanwhile we walk. Without noise. Darkness waits. So do we. Uneasy, isn’it?